Insufficient Browsing

Gabriella Torres-Ferrer

 Insufficient Browsing, 2021
Moving mural with sound, 6:26

As part of the ongoing series Isn’t the World Just a Great Big Pyramid Scheme, Insufficient Browsing dwells on our degrees of embeddedness on earth’s digital double, and its continuous tension with our efforts to achieve equality. It addresses decentralised and unregulated ecologies of value creation surrounding data in the digital space. It ponders on the complexity of the personal data economy, the feedback loops involved in this economy; how our data reshapes the internet. Our increasingly networked world brings both harsher forms of domination, and possibilities for new struggles for liberation.

Soundscape made in collaboration with Enityaset Rodríguez Santos


Born 1987 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Gabriella’s work considers the implications of existence within networked globalized life. They’re interested in the societal transformations of modern cybernetics; our digital reality and how this is redefining nature, vis a vis; understanding how old power structures are sustained, and acquire new forms. Their trans-media practice seeks to challenge hegemonic narratives, interfaces, modes of viewership and materialities, often pondering potential for transformation. Connecting internet culture, post-colonial psycho-social landscapes, ecologies, globalization. Questioning structures of power and means of production and exchange; what it means to be a body in this datafied world.

Torres-Ferrer has exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Museo del Barrio, the Shed, A.I.R. feminist collective, New York; The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale online and offline in São Paulo, Mexico City, San Juan and Santo Domingo; Phillip Martin, Los Angeles; Curro, Guadalajara; Gianni Manhattan, Vienna; Embajada, San Juan. Gabriella is a former resident of Beta Local’s La Práctica fellowship in San Juan. They are a 2020-2021 recipient of the Akademie Schloss Solitude Artist-in-Residence fellowship, Stuttgart, and received a guest artist, honorary mention at CERN Collide, Geneve.