Jean Kamba

Jean Kamba lives in Kinshasa, where he has completed all his studies. He studied Humanities, from which he holds a Bachelor’s degree (bac +5), in Information and Communication Sciences at the National Pedagogical University of Kinshasa (UPN). He was born in 1984 and holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics.
As a researcher, he practices art criticism, while sometimes directing projects of experimentation of contemporary art practices. In traditional and non sanitized places, such as the streets and other crossroads of the city of Kinshasa, these practices are brought to the fore to seek interactions in a social interventionist logic. In his practice, the outputs are multiple, including publications in international art and humanities journals; also via formal and informal encounters with thinkers from diverse backgrounds.
Writer, poet, journalist, he has curated several white cube exhibitions, mostly in Kinshasa. He is a member of the Kinshasa groupe-Africa cluster “Another road map school”. Since 2006, he has been working with artists and collectives in Kinshasa on monitoring, mediation and evaluation.