Kontempo: Contemporary Perspectives from Kinshasa

Roundtable with the artists. Introduction into the project and open discussion, moderated by Jean Kamba.

The format is conceived as a retrospective that highlights and presents the history of the contemporary art scene in Kinshasa from the perspective of theorists and contemporary artists. A moment of exchange that makes it possible to simultaneously engage with the present of this scene and speculate on its future within the framework of Laboratoire Kontempo. Many cultural platforms in Kinshasa were founded by artists to fill the void of a state cultural policy. These self-organised structures with their strengths and weaknesses, their contribution in Congolese society and on an international level will be presented, while also addressing funding problems, colonial traces and neo-colonial influences.

With: Jean Kamba, Prisca Tanwey, Mukenge/Schellhammer, Paulvi Ngimbi, Billy Ngalamulume alias Kill Bill